The ABC’s of technology


With the click of a button on your phone, tablet or computer you can find so much information. You could find out information on a restaurant, an article you were looking for, or someones phone number. The technology we have today has helped us find whatever we need wherever we are.


Surfing the web when you have nothing else to you. It used to be that when you had nothing to do either you would go outside or do something productive or play on a gaming system, now you don’t need to move from your room. You go on your computer and you go on a social network like facebook or twitter and you can sit for hours just staring at your computer screen. We tend to be able to focus on stupid posts on facebook or games that we play but we can’t focus or sit still in a classroom where we need to sit and think. It is hard to sit and think about things without the tv running in the background or your computer being opened.


With all the new technology there is so much you can do with photos and videos. There are so many programs that have been invented to help make editing videos and pictures so much easier. 20 years ago to edit something it took you hours to make a video now it could take up to minutes to edit a video. Now with Photoshop you can edit pictures so easily on the computer and email the picture to anyone you wanted and all pictures and videos are digital.


To write an essay you used to have to use a type writer and correct things with white out and it could not correct spelling or grammar. Now with microsoft word and pages there is a dictionary, thesaurus and a grammar check, it is very hard to have a spelling error now. To write a research paper you used to have to research for hours and hours in a library, now you just have to google what you want and you could easily find so many articles and ideas.



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