When Does Life Begin? Medical Experts Debate Abortion Issue- #2

Every political season the most heated debate is about abortion, this debate draws everyone in from religious to political. The question that scientists are asking isn’t when does life begin but its when does life become a human being? Pro-life supporters say that the fetus is a human from the start. Pro-choice doctors say that it is not their place to determine for the patient when the life begins for the fetus. 

So now the debate is “do we know when human life begins”? 

We do know when life begins because according to this article “any biologist knows that when the sperm unites with the egg” thats when life begins. This “embryo” is by definition “the youngest form of a being”. The embryo is being protected and nourished and is therefore considered a human being. The debate then continues to decide whether or not the embryo is considered a person with all the legal rights a person gets. 

On the other hand, the other side of the debate is that we don’t know when life ends, much less when it begins. There are four distinct moments that can be thought of the beginning of a human life. The genetic view, embryologic view, neurological view and at or near birth. So according to this we cannot be certain when life begins. 

In terms of religion and politics there is a heated debate about when life begins because if life begins when the sperm fertilizes the egg then according to pro-life supporters abortion should be illegal, you are committing murder and killing a person. On the other hand if you don’t know when life actually begins the embryo or fetus is not yet considered a human being, which is what pro-choice supporters believe. 

When Does Life Begin? Medical Experts Debate Abortion Issue


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