“Food in the Mouth” Review

This blog, “Food in the Mouth” is about different restaurants and different types of foods and giving you different types of restaurants you can go to and the costumer reviews from the restaurants. There are many different ways to set up a blog, this blog in particular is set up more like a website. Some blogs are set up for people to interact with the blog posts and yes this blog they want your feedback on the different restaurants that they are posting and giving you information about but you go to this blog more to find a restaurant then to comment on the blog.

The blog also has different segments about different foods; it gives you a taste so to speak on the different foods that you can make and some history about different ethnic foods. The blog itself was very easy to navigate because it had a menu bar so you can easily get from page to page and find what your looking for very easily. This blog shows you an array of restaurants to choose from and is very helpful in choosing where you want to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.



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